2012 – 2015: Alaïs Aviana Angélique Adell wins the lead role as Eudile in the US-American movie “A Gothic Tale of Gluttony” by the New Yorker director Margherita Arco. A Gothic Tale of Gluttony is a surrealist tale of a dinner party in a high society aristocratic milieu. In this movie Alaïs Aviana Angélique plays a passionate harpist who lives for her art and wants to improve the world through music. “The harp is a medium to the divine. It is beautiful! … beautiful to play, beautiful to look at, beautiful to listen to … . When I was 15 years old, I practiced five hours a day.” (Alaïs Aviana Angélique Adell aka Eudile) The opening night of the movie will premiere in New York in 2013.
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